The Mansion House

NOTE:  Calvin Bradley inherited property on east side of Market Street from his mother, Madam Isabel “Celeste” Ladner (Mulatto daughter of Claude Ladner, son of Cat Island’s Nicholas Ladner) The property inheritance was situated near the western boundary of the Freed Slave Charles Asmar Tract.

5, 391          11-17-1850          (Located east of Market Street)
Calvin Bradley signed a 5-year lease at $150 per year with Johnathan Montgomery and James Feltz(?) a 40' lot on the Gulf running north to a fence midway between Front St and Back St.  E= Mansion House, W= Bradley;  And on the Beach side of Front St. was: E= a Tailor Shop, W= a small building used as a Market House.

Colonel James Roach opened the Mansion House on June 22, 1850.  He was said to be “a public caterer of great tact and judgement.”  It was located in “the center of the village.”
New Orleans Daily Delta, June 26, 1850

(By conjecture, the Mansion House would probably have been at or near the Griffon Building, or possibly as far east as the Avalon Theater Building.)
                                                                                                                                                       (The above location descriptions are from pre-Katrina structures)

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