753 E Scenic Drive    
Built circa1850     
AKA Seaton-Davis House.  

This distinctive one-story, hip-roofed vernacular dwelling has a carpenter Gothic styling on the inset gallery.  It has a paneled dado affixed both in the gallery and the central hall.  An arched affect between the columns and the pitched roof creates an interesting variation on the basic design.  An early rear cottage and carriage house still survive.  It is a distinctive antebellum structure.  Some prior owners were Miss Hortense Davis, Stanley LeMarie,
Historic Note:  Robert Seaton and his associate, James Gallier, built and designed Gallier Hall, the old City Hall in New Orleans.  An Historic Marker is planted at this location.  There were 3 Davis sisters, one of whom, Irene, helped start the Town Library.

Partial Abstract Information from Harrison County Courthouse Deed Book Archives

Seaton Davis — 753 Beach  – Oustalet

8, 493          4-2-1859
Edmund and Julina Hart sold for $1000 to Robert Seaton a Gulf lot located 350' west of the Alligator Spring measuring 82.5' back to ½ mile Division Line in Sec 19.  Being same lot purchased by EJ Hart from Augustin Peter Willis on 1-28-1853.  Original lot when purchased measured 165' front and was ½ of HHS Lot #32.  W= Robert Seaton, E= other ½ lot sold to Jonas.

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DB 16, 40          1-25-1878
Walter Seaton sold to William Tophain Davis for $4000 in four US Gold Bond certificates of $1000 value each at maturity, and were inscribed as “New Fives of 1881" with coupons still attached.  
Lot Description was a lot with house and buildings measuring 178.5' on Gulf running north to ½ mile DivLine of Sec #19
E= George Jonas Estate, W= WJ Pattison
Being same two lots purchased by Seaton from Edmund J Hart.  
1) 96' lot from Wm White on 3-25-1850
2) 82.5' lot from E J Hart on 4-2-1859
Being same lot conveyed by Robert Seaton to Walter Seaton in County Clerk's Office, no date shown.

18, 51          11-20-1881
John and Frances Lily Pickins sold to Charles J Carriere of New Orleans for $8,500, a 200' Gulf lot containing 50 arpents.  E= John T Hardie, W= Edward Conery, Sr.  Lot included dwelling houses and furniture with Plant Houses, Kitchen buildings, live stock and farming utensils.  Being same lot sold to Pickins by Keep on 6-8-1877

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