Pass Christian - 100 West Scenic
1775     Widow Asmard owned the entire Pass Christian peninsula until her death in 1799
1805     Charles "Charlot", freed Negro slave, deeded all of the midtown PC lands
1809     Bartholomew Pellerin took possession of the PC Peninsula
1813     Edward Livingston acquired the PC Peninsula
1820s   The Hierns were involved for almost a Century
1831     Lighthouses at Cat Island and Pass Christian
1831     John Shipman -- Pass Christian Hotel
1834     John Hewlitt
1836     Louisa Livingston sold the remaining large Peninsula lands
1837     Henderson, Hughes, and Shipman acquired and divided the peninsula
1838     Hughs, White, Calvert active in lot sales through the pre-Civil War period
1839     John and Louisa Henderson and sons were most active in promoting PC area

Underlined below are early owners of lot addresses shown
136    134   130   128     126    122    120   118   116    110   75' lot   137' lot


100 West Scenic Drive (Mid 1800s to late)

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